Help Us to be Ashley Awesome with a PTA Membership

Membership is the heart and soul of the PTA. At Ashley Elementary School, your membership dues are applied to programs and supplies that play an integral role in students' development, confidence, and success. In addition to other fundraising efforts, membership dues will help students at Ashley thrive.


Who Can Join PTA?

Anyone can become a PTA member. Parents, children, grandparents, neighbors, business owners, plus past members. Your membership unlocks so many great benefits for you, your family, and our school.






When you purchase an Ashley PTA membership, you are contributing to student programs and campus improvement. Field We love helping hands and participation throughout the year but an Ashley PTA membership comes with no obligation.
Plus, your membership comes with the following:   Your membership does not require:
  • Meetings attendance
  • Volunteering
  • Recurring payments
  • Time on campus
  • Baking goods 


Where Does Your Money Go?



Staff Support



School Equipment



Character T-Shirts



Field Day




Multicultural Night


Field s

Science Night



Field Trips






SAGE (Special And Gifted Education)



5th Grade Programs (like Graduation)



Book Fair


Fall Carnival



And So Much More...